Sporothrix schenckii 1099-18 (S_schenckii_v1)

About Sporothrix schenckii 1099-18 (GCA_000961545)

Sporothrix schenckii is a fungus that can be found worldwide in the environment. The species is present in soil as well as in and on living and decomposing plant material such as peat moss. It can infect humans as well as animals and is the causative agent of sporotrichosis, commonly known as
"rose handler's disease
". The most common route of infection is the introduction of spores to the body through a cut or puncture wound in the skin. Infection commonly occurs in otherwise healthy individuals but is rarely life-threatening and can be treated with antifungals. In the environment it is found growing as filamentous hyphae. In host tissue it is found as a yeast. The transition between the hyphal and yeast forms is temperature dependent making S. schenckii a thermally dimorphic fungus.

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Taxonomy ID 1397361

Data source LNCC

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Genome assembly: S_schenckii_v1

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