Trametes pubescens str. FBCC735 (ASM189594v1)

About Trametes pubescens str. FBCC735 (GCA_001895945)

Trametes pubescens is a small, thin polypore, or bracket fungus. It has a cream-colored, finely velvety cap surface. Unlike most other turkey tail-like species of Trametes, the cap surface lacks strongly contrasting zones of color.

It is an annual, saprobic fungus, a decomposer of the deadwood of hardwoods, growing in clusters on logs, stumps and downed branches. (It is rarely reported on conifer wood.)

Trametes pubescens is a purported plant pathogen, infecting peach and nectarine trees.

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Taxonomy ID 154538

Data source CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science

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Genome assembly: ASM189594v1

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