Botrytis elliptica (ASM478620v1)

About Botrytis elliptica (GCA_004786205.1)


Botrytis elliptica is a necrotrophic fungal pathogen which infects species of plants in the Lilium genus, causing the disease commonly known as Lily Gray Mold. The symptoms of Lily Gray Mold include the appearance of water-soaked spots on leaves which appear white and increase in darkness with age, ranging from gray to brown. These spots may cover the entire leaf, complemented with a gray webbing, containing the fungal spores. The leaves will appear wilted and branches may die back. In addition to leaves, petals, stems, and buds may be infected, and this gray webbing will eventually cover the plant, feigning the appearance of gray flowers. Infected buds often rot. Lily Gray Mold disease, if not properly treated, will appear each year with increasing vigor.

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Taxonomy ID 278938

Data source Wageningen University

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Genome assembly: ASM478620v1

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