Fusarium sporotrichioides (Fusarium_sporotrichioides_NRRL3299_FSPOR_contigs)

About Fusarium sporotrichioides (GCA_003012315.1)


Fusarium sporotrichioides is a fungal plant pathogen, one of various Fusarium species responsible for damaging crops, in particular causing a condition known as Fusarium head blight in wheat, consequently being of notable agricultural and economic importance. The species is ecologically widespread, being found across tropical and temperate regions, and is a significant producer of mycotoxins, particularly trichothecenes. Although mainly infecting crops, F. sporotrichioides-derived mycotoxins can have repercussions for human health in the case of the ingestion of infected cereals. One such example includes the outbreak of alimentary toxic aleukia (ATA) in Russia, of which F. sporotrichioides-infected crop was suspected to be the cause. Although current studies on F. sporotrichioides are somewhat limited in comparison to other species in the genus, Fusarium sporotrichioides has found several applications as a model system for experimentation in molecular biology.

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Taxonomy ID 5514

Data source Robert Proctor's shared submissions

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Genome assembly: Fusarium_sporotrichioides_NRRL3299_FSPOR_contigs

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