Mucor circinelloides 1006PhL (Muco_sp_1006Ph_V1)

About Mucor circinelloides 1006PhL (GCA_000401635.1)


Mucor circinelloides is a dimorphic fungus belonging to the Order Mucorales (Phylum Mucoromycota). It has a worldwide distribution, found mostly in soil, dung and root vegetables. This species is described as not known to be able to produce mycotoxins, however it has been frequently reported to infect animals such as cattle and swine, as well as fowl, platypus and occasionally humans. Ketoacidotic patients are particularly at risk for infection by M. circinelloides.

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Taxonomy ID 1220926

Data source Broad Institute

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Genome assembly: Muco_sp_1006Ph_V1

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