Ascodesmis nigricans str. CBS 389.68 (Ascni1)

About Ascodesmis nigricans str. CBS 389.68 (GCA_004786065.1)


Ascodesmis nigricans is a coprophilous fungus that could be isolated from the dung of various animals. It was firstly introduced by Philippe Édouard Léon Van Tieghem, a French botanist, and was the type species of the genus Ascodesmis. It is an uncommon species but its development of the fruit body has been the subject of much laboratory study due to the easy nature of its cultivation. Ascodesmis nigricans is not pathogenic to human, animals or plants. This species has world-wide distribution.

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Taxonomy ID 341454

Data source DOE Joint Genome Institute

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Genome assembly: Ascni1

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