Steccherinum ochraceum str. LE-BIN_3174 (INBI_StOhra_v1.0)

About Steccherinum ochraceum str. LE-BIN_3174 (GCA_004332605.1)


Steccherinum ochraceum, known as ochre spreading tooth, is a hydnoid fungus of the family Steccherinaceae. It is a plant pathogen infecting sweetgum trees. It was originally described as Hydnum ochraceum by Johann Friedrich Gmelin in 1792, and later transferred to the genus Steccherinum in 1821 by Samuel Frederick Gray in 1821.

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Taxonomy ID 92696

Data source The Federal Research Centre "Fundamentals of Biotechnology" of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Genome assembly: INBI_StOhra_v1.0

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