Metarhizium acridum CQMa 102 (MetAcr_May2010)

About Metarhizium acridum CQMa 102 (GCA_000187405)

Metarhizium acridum is the new name given to a group of fungal isolates that are known to be virulent and specific to the Acrididea. Previously, this species has had variety status in Metarhizium anisopliae (var. acridum); before that, reference had been made to M. flavoviride or Metarhizium sp. describing an
"apparently homologous and distinctive group
" of isolates that were most virulent against Schistocerca gregaria in early screening bioassays.

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Taxonomy ID 655827

Data source Metarhizium genome sequencing Consortium

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Genome assembly: MetAcr_May2010

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