Wallemia mellicola (ASM491891v1)

About Wallemia mellicola (GCA_004918915.1)


Wallemia mellicola is a xerophilic fungus of the phylum Basidiomycota, described in 2015 upon taxonomic revision of the species Wallemia sebi. W. mellicola has a compact genome of 9.8 Mb with few repeats, which is one of the smallest genomes in Basidiomycota and in Agaricomycota. Three gene family expansions that were observed in W. mellicola were considered significant, including heat shock protein, stress responsive alpha-beta barrel, and amino acid transporter, and they may be responsible for the survival W. mellicola at low water activity. Genes involved in High Osmolarity Glycerol signalling pathway were also found and were suggested to play an important role in the adaptation to osmotic stress. Wallemia mellicola also have a large number of transporters that allow it to survive in hyperosmotic conditions. After sequencing the genomes of additional 25 strains of W. mellicola, these was found to form a relatively homogeneous and widespread population.

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Taxonomy ID 1708541

Data source Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana

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Genome assembly: ASM491891v1

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