Elsinoe ampelina str. CECT 20119 (Elsamp1)

About Elsinoe ampelina str. CECT 20119 (GCA_010093995.1)


ElsinoŽ ampelina is a plant pathogen, which is the causal agent of anthracnose on grape. This type of anthracnose affects several plant varieties, including some brambles and wine grapes. Grape anthracnose can be identified by the "bird's eye" lesions on the berries and sunken black or greyish lesions on leaves and shoots. From these lesions, conidia are produced. This disease can be lethal to the plant, either through defoliation and removal of photosynthetic capacity, or through injury to the active regions of the vine. Grape anthracnose is particularly important to the wine industry, as it can decrease quality and quantity of berries produced as well as kill the vine outright, leading to large economic losses, in particular during the middle summer months.

(Text from Wikipedia and [image] (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Grapeanthracnose.jpg) from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org), the free encyclopaedia.

Taxonomy ID 302913

Data source DOE Joint Genome Institute

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Genome assembly: Elsamp1

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