Cryomyces minteri (ASM505984v1)

About Cryomyces minteri (GCA_005059845.1)


Cryomyces minteri is a fungus of uncertain placement in the class Dothideomycetes, division Ascomycota. The rock-inhabiting fungus that was discovered in the McMurdo Dry Valleys located in Antarctica, on fragments of rock colonized by a local cryptoendolithic community. In 2008, Cryomyces minteri and Cryomyces antarcticus were simultaneously tested in low earth orbit conditions on the EXPOSE-E facility on the EuTEF (European Technology Exposure Facility) platform outside the International Space Station for 18 months. It was also tested in a space vacuum along with polychromatic UV radiation to simulate a Martian environment. The two fungi survived both of the simulations.

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Taxonomy ID 331657

Data source University of California, Riverside

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Genome assembly: ASM505984v1

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