Bipolaris sorokiniana ND90Pr (Cocsa1)

About Bipolaris sorokiniana ND90Pr (GCA_000338995)

The fungus Cochliobolus sativus is the teleomorph (sexual stage) of Bipolaris sorokiniana (anamorph) which is the causal agent of a wide variety of cereal diseases. The pathogen can infect and cause disease on the root (where it is known as common root rot), leaf and stem, and head tissue. C.sativus is extremely rare in nature and thus it is the asexual or anamorphic stage which causes infections. The two most common diseases caused by B.sorokiniana are spot blotch and common root rot, mainly on wheat and barley crops.

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Taxonomy ID 665912

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Genome assembly: Cocsa1

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