Saccharomyces cerevisiae (R64-1-1)

E3 ubiquitin ligase; forms heterodimer with Rad6p to regulate K63 polyubiquitination in response to oxidative stress and to monoubiquinate histone H2B-K123, which is required for the subsequent methylation of histone H3-K4 and H3-K79; required for DSBR, transcription, silencing, and checkpoint control; interacts with RNA-binding protein Npl3p, linking histone ubiquitination to mRNA processing; Bre1p-dependent histone ubiquitination promotes pre-mRNA splicing [Source:SGD;Acc:S000002232]


Chromosome IV: 324,047-326,149 reverse strand.


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This gene has 1 transcript (splice variant) and 277 orthologues.

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Q07457 -Ensembl Canonical