Saccharomyces cerevisiae (R64-1-1)

Cytoplasmic RNA-binding protein; shuttles between nucleus and cytoplasm and is exported from the nucleus in an mRNA export-dependent manner; associates with translating ribosomes; involved in heme regulation of Hap1p as a component of the HMC complex, also involved in the organization of actin filaments; contains a La motif; SRO9 has a paralog, SLF1, that arose from the whole genome duplication [Source:SGD;Acc:S000000542]


Chromosome III: 57,374-58,678 reverse strand.


About this gene

This gene has 1 transcript (splice variant), 26 orthologues, 1 paralogue and is a member of 2 Ensembl protein families.

NameTranscript IDbpProteinTranslation IDBiotypeUniProtRefSeqFlags
Protein coding
P25567 NM_001178682.1

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