Torulaspora delbrueckii str. CBS 1146 (ASM24337v1)

About Torulaspora delbrueckii str. CBS 1146 (GCA_000243375)

Torulaspora delbrueckii is a ubiquitous yeast species with both wild and anthropic habitats. The type strain of T. delbrueckii is CBS 1146^T^, equivalent to CLIB 230 or ATCC 10662, etc.. The type strain of T. delbrueckii CBS 1146 ^T^ was recently sequenced, and is composed of 8 chromosomes in addition to a mitochondrial genome. T. delbrueckii was formerly known as Saccharomyces delbrueckii or Saccharomyces rosei or Saccharomyces roseus, and the anamorph is called Candida colliculosa (for a complete list of synonyms, see CBS's website). T. delbrueckii is the most studied species of the genus Torulaspora that comprises 8 species to date, including T. franciscae, T. pretoriensis, T. microellipsoides, T. globosa, T. indica, T. maleeae, and T. quercuum. The taxonomy of the genus Torulaspora is evolving rapidly, and the availability of molecular tools to discriminate Torulaspora species will help correcting errors in species assignments.

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Taxonomy ID 4950

Data source Wolfe Laboratory, Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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Genome assembly: ASM24337v1

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