Aspergillus candidus str. CBS 102.13 (Aspcand1)

About Aspergillus candidus str. CBS 102.13 (GCA_002847045)

Aspergillus candidus is a white-spored species of Aspergillus. Despite its lack of pigmentation, it is closely related to the most darkly-pigmented aspergilli in the Aspergillus niger group. It is a common soil fungus worldwide and is known as a contaminant of a wide array of materials from the indoor environment to foods and products. It is an uncommon agent of onychomycosis and aspergillosis. The species epithet candidus (L.) refers to the white pigmentation of colonies of this fungus.

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Taxonomy ID 41067

Data source DOE Joint Genome Institute

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Genome assembly: Aspcand1

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