Metarhizium majus ARSEF 297 (MAJ_1.0)

About Metarhizium majus ARSEF 297 (GCA_000814945)

Metarhizium majus is the new name given to a group of fungal isolates that are known to be virulent against Scarabaeidae, a family of beetles. Previously, this species has had variety status in Metarhizium anisopliae (var. majus) and its name is derived from characteristically very large spores (typically 2.5--4 µm x 10--14 µm long) for the genus Metarhizium. There has been considerable interest in developing isolates of this species into mycoinsecticides: especially for coconut and oil palm beetle pests in SE Asia, the Pacific region and Africa.

It is an anamorph, its telomorphic form is Cordyceps brittlebankisoides.

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Taxonomy ID 1276143

Data source Shanghai Insititutes for Biological Sciences, CAS

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Genome assembly: MAJ_1.0

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