Sordaria macrospora (ASM869232v1)

About Sordaria macrospora (GCA_008692325.1)


Sordaria macrospora is a species of coprophilous (dung-colonizing) fungus. It is one of several fungal model organisms in biology, e.g. the model of fruiting body development in Ascomycetes. It is a homothallic, self-fertile organism. 250px|thumb|center|Ascospores issued from a diploid heterozygous at the spore-color locus, segregate as yellow and black. Different colors patterns reflect DNA recombination events during meiotic prophase. Lighter colors are due to incomplete maturation.

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Taxonomy ID 5147

Data source Ruhr-University Bochum

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Genome assembly: ASM869232v1

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