Ceraceosorus bombacis (Ceraceosorus_bombacis)

About Ceraceosorus bombacis (GCA_900000165)

The Ceraceosorales are an order of smut fungi in the class Exobasidiomycetes. It is a monotypic order, consisting of a single family, the Ceraceosoraceae, which in turn contain a single monotypic genus, Ceraceosorus. C. bombacis is a fungus that infects the tree Bombax ceiba in India. This economically important tree is used as an ornamental tree. Ceraceosorales was circumscribed in 2006; the family Ceraceosoraceae was validated in 2009. C. bombacis was originally described as Dicellomyces bombacis in 1973, but B.K. Bakshi transferred it to the newly described Ceraceosorus three years later.

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Taxonomy ID 401625

Data source IPF

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