Rhizopus microsporus str. CBS-344.29 (Rmicro_CBS_344.29_Allpaths-LG)

About Rhizopus microsporus str. CBS-344.29 (GCA_000825725)

Rhizopus microsporus is a fungal plant pathogen infecting maize, sunflower, and rice.

Used in the preparation of traditional soy fermentation such as tempeh and sufu (see Rhizopus oligosporus).

It can also cause a nosocomial infection and necrosis to the infected area, particularly prevalent in pre-term infants. This fungus contains the bacterial endosymbiont Burkholderia rhizoxinica that produces the antitumor drug rhizoxin.

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Taxonomy ID 58291

Data source HKI JENA

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Genome assembly: Rmicro_CBS_344.29_Allpaths-LG

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