Penicillium brasilianum str. MG11 (Pbras_Allpaths-LG)

About Penicillium brasilianum str. MG11 (GCA_001048715)

Penicillium brasilianum is a fungus species of the genus of Penicillium. Penicillium brasilianum produces the compounds isoroquefortine C, griseofulvin, ergosterol peroxide, 3β-hydroxy-(22E,24R)-ergosta-5,8,22-trien-7-one, cerevisterol, (22E,24R)-6β-methoxyergosta-7,22-diene-3β,5α-diol

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Taxonomy ID 104259

Data source HKI JENA

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Genome assembly: Pbras_Allpaths-LG

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