Sporisorium scitamineum str. Ssc1 (ASM90000236v1)

About Sporisorium scitamineum str. Ssc1 (GCA_900002365.1)


Sugarcane smut is a fungal disease of sugarcane caused by the fungus Sporisorium scitamineum. The disease is known as culmicolous, which describes the outgrowth of fungus of the stalk on the cane. It attacks several sugarcane species and has been reported to occur on a few other grass species as well, but not to a critical amount. The most recognizable characteristic of this disease is a black or gray growth that is referred to as a "smut whip". Resistance to sugarcane smut is the best course of action for management, but also the use of disease free seed is important. On smaller scale operations treatments using hot water and removing infected plants can be effective. The main mode of spore dispersal is the wind but the disease also spreads through the use of infected cuttings. Sugarcane smut is a devastating disease in sugarcane growing areas globally.

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Taxonomy ID 49012

Data source Institute of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

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Genome assembly: ASM90000236v1

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