Hypholoma sublateritium FD-334 SS-4 (Hypsu1)

About Hypholoma sublateritium FD-334 SS-4 (GCA_000827495)

Hypholoma lateritium, sometimes called brick cap, is rarer and less well-known than its relatives, the inedible, and poisonous sulfur tuft (Hypholoma fasciculare) and the edible Hypholoma capnoides. Its fruiting bodies are generally larger than either of these. Hypholoma sublateritium is a synonym.

In Europe this mushroom is often considered inedible or even poisonous, but in the USA and Japan it is apparently a popular edible fungus. One further reason to avoid it is the possibility of confusion with Galerina marginata or H. fasciculare.

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia they are found in dense clusters on stumps and roots from October until long after frosts.

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Taxonomy ID 945553

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Genome assembly: Hypsu1

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