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Alternaria tenuissima (ASM415474v1)

Alternaria tenuissima Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Alternaria tenuissima (GCA_004154745.1)


Alternaria tenuissima is a saprophytic fungus and opportunistic plant pathogen. It is cosmopolitan in distribution, and can colonize a wide range of plant hosts. Colonies of A. tenuissima produce chains on agar growth media. The fungus often forms concentric ring patterns on infected plant leaves. This species produces the allergen Alt a 1, one of the most important outdoor seasonal fungal allergens associated with allergy and asthma provocation. In rare circumstances, this species is also known to infect immunosuppressed humans and animals.

(Text from Wikipedia


The assembly presented has been imported from INSDC and has the assembly accession GCA_004154745.1.


The annotation presented is derived from annotation submitted to INSDC with the assembly accession [GCA_004154745.1] (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ena/data/view/GCA_004154745.1), with additional non-coding genes from Rfam. For more details, please visit INSDC annotation import.

More information

General information about this species can be found in Wikipedia.



AssemblyASM415474v1, INSDC Assembly GCA_004154745.1,
Database version112.1
Golden Path Length33,942,725
Genebuild byNIAB-East Malling Research
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceNIAB-East Malling Research

Gene counts

Coding genes13,019
Gene transcripts13,080