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Trichoderma virens (ASM17099v1)

Trichoderma virens Assembly and Gene Annotation

About the Trichoderma virens genome

Trichoderma virens is a haploid filamentous fungi that belongs to the the phylum Ascomycota. It has a beneficial role in plant growth and is used to protect crops from pathogens by rapid and extensive plant root colonization. This organism is present in most soils through the world and is easy to culture which makes it an important model organism for plant-fungi interactions. T. virens has a vast metabolic diversity which includes degradation of hazardous compounds and sequestration of heavy metals.

Picture credit: Charles M. Kenerley and Prasun Mukherjee.


The genome sequence, assembly and protein coding genes annotation of the Trichoderma virens (strain Gv29-8) genome have been generated by the JGI.

Non coding RNA genes have been annotated using tRNAScan-SE (Lowe, T.M. and Eddy, S.R. 1997), RFAM (Griffiths-Jones et al 2005), and RNAmmer (Lagesen K.,et al 2007); additional analysis tools have also been applied.


  1. Comparative genome sequence analysis underscores mycoparasitism as the ancestral life style of Trichoderma.
    Kubicek CP, Herrera-Estrella A, Seidl-Seiboth V, Martinez DA, Druzhinina IS, Thon M, Zeilinger S, Casas-Flores S, Horwitz BA, Mukherjee PK et al. 2011. Genome Biol.. 12:R40.

More information

General information about this species can be found in Wikipedia.



AssemblyASM17099v1, INSDC Assembly GCA_000170995.2, Nov 2011
Database version112.2
Golden Path Length39,022,666
Genebuild byJGI
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceJGI

Gene counts

Coding genes12,400
Non coding genes356
Small non coding genes356
Gene transcripts12,764