Tolypocladium ophioglossoides CBS 100239 (GCA_001189435) (Tophv1.0)

Tolypocladium ophioglossoides CBS 100239 (GCA_001189435) Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Tolypocladium ophioglossoides CBS 100239 (GCA_001189435)


Tolypocladium ophioglossoides, also known by two of its better known synonyms Elaphocordyceps ophioglossoides and Cordyceps ophioglossoides and commonly known as the goldenthread cordyceps, is a species of fungus in the family Ophiocordycipitaceae. It is parasitic on fruit bodies of the truffle-like Elaphomyces. The specific epithet ophioglossoides, derived from Ancient Greek, means "like a snake's tongue".

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The assembly presented is the Tophv1.0 assembly submitted to INSDC with the assembly accession GCA_001189435.1.


The annotation presented is derived from annotation submitted to INSDC with the assembly accession GCA_001189435.1, with additional non-coding genes derived from Rfam. For more details, please visit INSDC annotation import.

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AssemblyTophv1.0, INSDC Assembly GCA_001189435.1,
Database version100.1
Base Pairs31,245,833
Golden Path Length31,245,833
Genebuild by07
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceEuropean Nucleotide Archive

Gene counts

Coding genes9,158
Non coding genes118
Small non coding genes116
Long non coding genes2
Gene transcripts9,435

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