Sporisorium reilianum (GCA_000230245.1)

Sporisorium reilianum Assembly and Gene Annotation

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Sporisorium reilianum is the causal agent of maize head smut. This disease, that starts the infection process by invading the roots during the early seedling stage, is responsible for important crop losses.

Picture credit: Dr. Amadej Trnkoczy


The Sporisorium reilianum (strain SRZ2) genome was generated and assembled at 454 Life Sciences and released in December 2010 using the Genome Sequencer 20 (Roche) and the Genome Sequencer FLX (Roche). 99.75% of the genome assembly was organised into 23 chromosomes using Optical Mapping.


The protein coding gene annotation of the Sporisorium reilianum genome (generated by the Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences) was imported from the annotation submitted to EMBL-Bank as the assembly project GCA_000230245.

Non-coding RNA genes have been annotated using tRNAScan-SE (Lowe, T.M. and Eddy, S.R. 1997), RFAM (Griffiths-Jones et al 2005), and RNAmmer (Lagesen K.,et al 2007); additional analysis tools have also been applied.


  1. Pathogenicity determinants in smut fungi revealed by genome comparison.
    Schirawski J, Mannhaupt G, Mnch K, Brefort T, Schipper K, Doehlemann G, Di Stasio M, Rssel N, Mendoza-Mendoza A, Pester D et al. 2010. Science. 330:1546-1548.

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AssemblyASM23024v1, INSDC Assembly GCA_000230245.1, Aug 2011
Database version101.1
Base Pairs18,476,874
Golden Path Length18,476,874
Genebuild byMIPS
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceMIPS

Gene counts

Coding genes6,673
Non coding genes230
Small non coding genes228
Long non coding genes1
Misc non coding genes1
Gene transcripts6,911

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