Aspergillus niger (ASM285v2)

Aspergillus niger Assembly and Gene Annotation

About the Aspergillus niger genome

Aspergillus niger causes black mould on certain fruits and vegetables such as grapes, apricots, onions, and peanuts, and is a common contaminant of food. It is ubiquitous in soil and is commonly reported from indoor environments.

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The Department of Energy (DOE) Joint Genome Institute (JGI)]( sequenced the genome of Aspergillus niger strain ATCC 1015 at 8.9X coverage using whole genome shotgun (WGS) sequencing. The version 3.0 of the assembly (June 30, 2008) contains 8 chromosomes, made up of 21 scaffolds, and 3 unmapped scaffolds. The 7 of the 8 chromosomes and 1 unmapped scaffold contain telomeres making A. niger's genome 34.85 MB in size.


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AssemblyASM285v2, INSDC Assembly GCA_000002855.2, Mar 2015
Database version102.2
Golden Path Length33,975,768
Genebuild by
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceCADRE

Gene counts

Coding genes13,942
Non coding genes679
Small non coding genes679
Gene transcripts14,772

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