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Debugging and profiling the Ensembl website


In your plugins you can set the value of the EnsEMBL debug flags so that you can control what messages appear in the error logs.

  ## Turn on Perl profiling output.
  ## Turn off Long process warnings

A full list of flags are:

Include a Debug div in the webpage in which errors warnings and timings are logged.
EnsEMBL::Web::Magic module displays a textual description of each request if this flag is set.
For debugging AJAX etc - print out the parsed web-request
Textual dump of the image configuration trees.
If set log files are stamped with the time the server is started.
At various points in the code there are in built profiling statements - set this flag to dump them to the logs at the end of the request.
Display information about requests that last more than a certain number of seconds.
Include some detailed error messages while the server is routing the request.
Various shouts in the EnsEMBL::Web::SpeciesDefs AUTOLOAD function.
Informational messages from the drawing code.
Show some general error messages

Profiling the code - EnsEMBL::Web::Timer