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What's New in Release 51

  • Genomes

    • EnsemblFungi currently has 1014 genomes in total

    • No new or updated genomes from last release

  • Updated data

    • Updated protein features for all species using InterProScan with version 83 of InterPro

    • Updated BioMarts for all gene and variation data

    • Updated pan-taxonomic gene trees and homologies

Ensembl Rapid Release

New assemblies with gene and protein annotation every two weeks.

Note: species that already exist on this site will continue to be updated with the full range of annotations.


The Ensembl Rapid Release website provides annotation for recently produced, publicly available vertebrate and non-vertebrate genomes from biodiversity initiatives such as Darwin Tree of Life, the Vertebrate Genomes Project and the Earth BioGenome Project.

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Join the Zymoseptoria tritici gene annotation team!

The gene set for Zymoseptoria tritici, a wheat plant pathogen causing septoria leaf blotch, is currently under review by a team of Z. tritici researchers. This is a collaborative effort supported by EnsemblFungi with the aim of consolidating and improving the existing gene sets. If you would like to get involved, please contact Marc-Henri Lebrun from the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) in France (marc-henri.lebrun@inra.fr) or Ensembl Fungi (helpdesk@ensemblgenomes.org) to get started.

Archive sites

The following archive sites are available to access previous versions of data:

Ensembl Fungi

Ensembl Fungi is a browser for fungal genomes. A majority of these are taken from the databases of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (the European Nucleotide Archive at the EBI, GenBank at the NCBI, and the DNA Database of Japan); in some cases, the annotation has been taken directly from the websites of the data generators. Data can be visualised through the Ensembl genome browser and accessed programmatically via our Perl and RESTful APIs. Data is also accessible through public MySQL databases and our FTP site containing full data dumps in FASTA, EMBL, GTF, GFF3, JSON and RDF formats.

Ensembl Genomes is developed by EMBL-EBI and is powered by the Ensembl software system for the analysis and visualisation of genomic data. For details of our funding please click here.

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