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Assembly converter

The Assembly Converter can convert coordinates on one genome assembly to another. Input coordinates in one of the specified formats, and receive a file in the same format with coordinates on the different assembly

File formats

The Assembly Converter can convert the following file types:

Data input

The data input form is shown below:

Choose your species and the conversion you wish to do from the two drop-downs. The assembly mapping drop-down shows all available mapping events for your chosen species, including conversions from old assemblies to newer ones and conversions back to old from new.

You can input your data by pasting it into a box, uploading a file or attaching a web file. Choose the format that matches your data type.

To run the conversion, click on the blue Run button.


The results are shown in a table as below:

Jobs will show as Queued, Running, Done or Failed. The table refreshes every 10 seconds, however you can hit the refresh button to force a refresh.

When your job is listed as Done, click on the download icon () to download the file.