Coccidioides immitis H538.4 (ASM14981v1)

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[[Image:Coccidioides immitis on Sabouraud's medium.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Sputum culture of Coccidioides immitis on Sabouraud's medium, showing white, cottony fungus growth]] [[Image:Coccidioides immitis microscopy.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Microscopic appearance of an old culture of Coccidioides immitis, showing fragmented chlamydospores. This is the infective form of the fungus occurring in nature]] thumb|right|200px|Septate hyphae of Coccidioides immitis with 90 degree branching and thick walled barrel shaped arthroconidia alternating with empty cells

Coccidioides immitis is a pathogenic fungus that resides in the soil in certain parts of the southwestern United States, northern Mexico, and a few other areas in the Western Hemisphere.

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Taxonomy ID 396776

Data source European Nucleotide Archive

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